Is your tween or teen struggling at home or at school?

Does this keep you up at night feeling worried, overwhelmed, or anxious?

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I bring relief to overwhelmed, worried parents and help them strengthen their connection with their tween/teen.

It is so hard to watch your child struggle. The feelings of powerlessness from not knowing what to do or say to help get them back on track can really be devastating and keep you up at night. It can be frustrating when you know there are solutions, but your child just can't hear you. 

You are not alone in feeling like you are swimming upstream, stressed, and exhausted. 

Emotional Resilience is Essential in Today's World

Healthy, resilient kids need healthy, resilient parents.

As an educator for 20 years, the three most common concerns about their kids I often hear from parents are:

  • lack of ability to handle worry, stress, anxiety, and disappointment
  • the trouble with friendships
  • low self-esteem, low confidence, shyness 

Now, we have children who are feeling discouraged, sad, and alone due to social distancing and online learning. 

It can be so hard to help them thrive in a time of fear and isolation.

But even in these uncertain times, there are solutions for you and your child.

Part of helping your child is taking care of yourself. 

When you are worried, overwhelmed, and chronically stressed, you have very little left in your cup to give. 

I can help you replace anxious, worried thoughts and feelings with a clear “knowing” of your child’s ability to be resilient, confident, and successful.


Through my Leadership Academy, I educate & empower teens and tweens to build their emotional resilience and self-leadership skills as they navigate the ups and downs of growing up.

Tweens/Teens Need Additional Emotional Support

Being a tween/teen is challenging. Navigating social experiences along with overwhelming, negative emotions can lead to a lot of turmoil for them.

This is something I experienced every day in my classroom. Helping students during the school day is possible, but it only happens in small windows of time.

It takes more than five minutes here and there to fully address their concerns and allow them to be heard and understood while also developing and building these essential skills.

That's why I've made it my mission to teach emotional resilience skills to tweens and teens so that they have the tools to successfully navigate the inevitable challenges that will arise in their life.


Emotional Resiliency is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your child.

Teaching tweens/teens how to identify, understand, and manage their emotions gives them a voice, increases their social awareness, and helps them build healthy, supportive relationships.

These tweens/teens develop confidence by building trust in their ability to handle their emotions, know what they want, and make good decisions.

They become the leaders of their own lives, taking full responsibility for their choices.

I would be honored to work with both you and your tween or teen so that you both can thrive despite the challenges and circumstances of today's world.  

About Marie

EFT Master Practitioner

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), commonly known as tapping, is a self-applied, holistic healing technique that helps calm the nervous system and promote emotional healing.

Marie has been tapping with her students in the classroom for years with positive results. Teaching her students how to tap gives them a powerful tool that they can use on their own and for the rest of their lives as a way of managing emotions. Tapping has helped her students with a variety of emotions including managing test anxiety, soothing hurt over friendship troubles, and processing and letting go of anger.

More adults are interested in learning how to tap and using it as a tool to address their emotions as well. They are noticing life-changing benefits from the emotional healing it provides.

Personal Transformation Coach

As a certified Freedom Leader, WISDOM™ Coach, and Breakthrough Specialist, Marie helps her clients fully understand their emotions, how to process them so they can feel better, and how to use their emotions to identify and break free from limiting beliefs. She teaches them how to let go of whatever is holding them back or keeping them stuck, how to shift those perspectives, and how to reach their goals and create the life they want. 



Having spent 20 years teaching and working with hundreds of families, Marie understands what it’s like for parents to be concerned about their children, and she is able to recognize and address the many challenges of being a tween/teen. Her favorite part of teaching is supporting her students' social and emotional well-being.

What Others are Saying

"Marie has a gift and I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her talent to help people heal themselves. My past trauma put in her hands was transformed into immense relief, clarity, ease and peace. Thank you, Marie."

"Marie is a very caring practitioner. She is a gentle place to land during times of challenging, painful emotions. My energy was very low and I felt stuck. After our sessions, my productivity increased, I was back to my active self in business & in fitness, and I no longer felt stuck. I'm grateful for her services. She is very passionate about serving others. "

"Working with Marie to address my lifelong anxiety has been life-changing! Marie's warm, caring manner provided the perfect environment for me to feel safe in uncovering & addressing the causes. Most importantly, she helped me to see that I was not my anxiety. Through acceptance of myself, she helped me to shift the embarrassment & shame that anchored the anxiety in my life. I am forever grateful! "

"I felt really safe and heard during my sessions with Marie. She has a gentle, kind energy which is totally what I needed at the time. She really tunes into what you are saying & allowed me to choose my own new perspectives with some of her intuition and wisdom when needed. I like the way she allowed me to follow my own impulses. I felt guided through each session. I highly recommend Marie. "


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